2 Months Old


Oh wow.. Can’t believe this site has been live for 2 months now> When I first started, I was really like… pumped to get the mainpage cover changed every few days and all.. but I guess I got sick and well, stuffs happened… and I reeeally need to finish up the commissions / pricing page… guess That’s what I’ll do this month then.. and starting next year, there’ll be little to no more hiccups <3

also yes.. blog updates… need to do those too. cause where else can I write about random boring stuffs other than here.

Tired of making new accounts


Let’s be real here. I could keep making new accounts and everything and add all of you, and get ID-checked again and the cycle continues forever… it’s sorta getting old and such… I’m just gonna focus on uploading my arts on my website and well, maybe some other furry sites like fur affinity and stuffs. maybe if Bunny got his account ID-verified miraculously, I’ll use that, or well, I could wait till 21st of november till main draggo account get un-postbanned. This is a fight that I can’t win because the other side is using his whatever mental issue as an excuse to stop me from drawing. Nop, you’re not winning, it’s just a fight that I don’t want to be in. Hopefully, one day, years from now, you’ll grow wiser and you’ll know what you’ve been doing is hurting me. And when that day comes, hopefully you’ll find peace, and you’ll live happily. but please, do not do this to any other artists. you’re hurting them, their way of making money, and their mental stability.

All in all. I think it’s for the best.  I’ll be in my telegram group, and if you want a place that doesn’t explode your phone with endless notifications, you can go to my telegram broadcast or if you have discord, you can join us talking about mostly random thing in Daddy Arr’s Dungeon.  You know where to find me, I’ll be waiting for you <3

Frontpage Update


Been working all night to get the recent upload image on the front page to work with the gallery. The way I do it is I add rss feeds to the main gallery, and fetch those rss feeds ( or well, just the first image), installed a handy rss parser plugin for wordpress and bam. now it works.. took a few times to get it looking the way I wanted, added overlay “recent upload” images so it would appear on top even though the images underneath changes everytime I put an image to the gallery.

If everything plays nicely, this post can also be seen on the front page, and there’s even a new link on the main bar called “blog”.  :3 I’m VERY happy with the progress of the site now, and all these works somehow took my mind off all the bad things that happened yesterday.. welp, you don’t wanna hear that. :3

but yeah!. I’m somewhat happy now and I’ll be able to continue working on the commissions again. Whee!